Defusing skills for young people

Young people regularly face conflict with friends, family and people in authority and are often victims of antisocial behaviour. Many have difficulty managing conflict and confrontation; a simple misunderstanding can all too easily escalate to become destructive or violent.

Have a look at our range of teaching resources which you can use to pass on defusing skills to young people at school or through informal settings. All of the materials assume no specialist knowledge of defusing as everything you need is provided. Using a mixture of videos, images, activities and discussions the resources provide interactive and engaging sessions to show young people how to manage conflict and aggression

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Defusing Conflict



For some young people, conflict and confrontation are regular occurrences. This is particularly the case for those who are marginalised, excluded from education, lead risky lifestyles, have challenging behaviours, or are in the youth justice system. The conflicts they face, and the pressures they may feel can be complex – and many have not yet refined their approaches to dealing with such situations.

Over eight sessions help young people to develop an understanding of conflict, its consequences and defusing techniques. Using films, activities and discussions this resource is designed for young people with challenging behaviours and low communication ability. Click to see more.

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Try it Again!


Think of a conversation that went horribly wrong. If you could try it again what would you do differently? Listen more? Not take it personally? Not get angry? Managing conflict is difficult for many young people, especially when emotions are high.

The toolkit is centred around two short film clips of young people in conflict, but each have two endings – one where the situation escalates and one where the situation is defused. The films were made entirely by young people. Use this Toolkit to help the young people you work with to think about the conflicts they face and to prepare them to defuse rather than escalate. Click to see more.

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Defusing Anger

You get 3 activities and photos to explore:

  • Attitudes to anger
  • Signs of anger
  • Tips for defusing anger

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Defusing Disagreements

You get 8 activities, a short film and 4 scenarios to explore:

  • The difference between disagreement and confrontation.
  • The consequences of confrontations
  • Tips for defusing confrontations.


Defuse and Stay Safe in Crowds

You get 4 activities and a film to explore:

  • How crowds can get out of control
  • What makes a crowd dangerous
  • How crowd density and movement affect safety.
  • Tips for defusing conflict in crowds.

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Listening in Conflict

You get 3 activities and a short film to explore:

  • The importance of listening in conflict
  • How to check you understand what others are saying.

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