Workshop for STC, YOT and PRU workers

Places available for a free workshop, on the 19th of May 2014 in Central London, for workers from Secure Training Centres, Youth Offending Teams and Pupil Referral Units to enable them to deliver their own Defusing Skills training to young people.


Defusing skills are vital for all citizens to challenge antisocial behaviour and manage conflict without situations escalating into confrontation or violence. Young people, especially those who are excluded or in the youth justice system would benefit from defusing resolution skills, but many struggle to learn or apply the skills due to speech, language and communication needs. An estimated SLCN 60% to 90% of young people in the youth justice system have SLCN.

This programme of defusing skills from the charity Dfuse has been developed with the support of The Communication Trust and gives extra consideration to those skills, which are essential for effective defusing, but young people with SLCN typically struggle with.

This programme was first tested with a small group of five boys in a Secure Training Centre. The results were positive. The training was well received and had an impact on their attitudes and behaviours. Participants were able to recall the content of the course in discussion with staff and could identify both escalating and de-escalating behaviours in theoretical and personal conflict situations. Case and Key Workers identified benefits for all participants. Behaviour change was measurable by a reduction in the number of violent or aggressive incidents. In the two months prior to the training four of the boys were involved in a total of thirteen incidents. In the two months after the training only one boy was involved in two incidents.

The evaluation ambien suggested that there is potential for such training and funding has been achieved to further develop the programme and extend it into other settings.


Join the free workshop

On the 19th of May Dfuse is holding a workshop in Central London for a small group of workers from STCs, Youth Offending Teams and Pupil Referral Units. The aim of this workshop is to familiarise staff with the programme and provide enough background information to enable them to deliver the training to young people in their setting themselves.

The Dfuse programme provides a neutral, non-judgemental framework and language for workers and young people to explore potential conflict situations and to debrief conflict incidents which have occurred. This can be used to re-enforce positive behaviours when young people effectively defuse a conflict situation, or to critically debrief situations which have been allowed to escalate into destructive behaviours.

As well as the workshop attendees will receive a package of materials, including background information, video clips, activity materials and evaluation tools.

The workshop is free and we have space for available for six people. All we ask of you is that you commit to delivering the training to at least one group of young people in your setting within the three months after the workshop and complete the evaluation templates.

You will also receive updated materials and have to access Dfuse’s online training programme (due June 2014) to keep yourself up to date. You can then deliver this course in your setting for as long as you like at no extra cost.


For more information or to register your place please call or email Matt Overd on 07715 116393 or