Defusing conflict and managing difficult situations in the workplace – wherever that is!

Whatever your sector your workforce represent your organisation and you have a duty of care to them for their safety and wellbeing.

I feel it has put defusing into a more logical sequence and allowed me to understand the process of communication betterService Manager, British Red Cross

Does your workforce need conflict defusing training? Consider:

  • Where do your people work? Are they in potentially dangerous situations to be confronted in such as lone working, working in people’s homes, working in public places?
  • What work do they do? Do they interact with the public or customers? Does their work have the potential to cause conflict (such as: digging up roads, meter readings, enforcement, drunk people)
  • Has your risk assessment identified aggression, abusive behaviour and violence as a potential risk to your people or service users or customers?
  • Are your people properly prepared to deal with conflict and difficult conversations in a manner that would promote your organisations brand and values?
  • Are your people skilled to manage aggressive behaviours or violence in a safe and reasonable manner?


The Dfuse team will tailor courses to help your people manage the situations they might face, or those which they have previously struggled to manage. To discuss your training call Dfuse on 020 3633 4540 or e-mail us at