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Improve your conflict defusing skills and those of your colleagues and community members with this grant funded programme

Attend a free Defusing Community Conflict Workshop on the 26th April 2016

You will learn how to manage disputes in a safe and constructive way from an expert Hostage Negotiator who is experienced at dealing with a wide range of high stakes conflict situations, the like of which you or I will hopefully never have to experience.

They bring with them over 20 years of experience and distil it into a series of easy to learn skills. Skills that can be used by you everyday in all sorts of places and situations.

We assume no specialist knowledge and through a series of scenarios and discussions you will learn:

  • When to take a step back and when to get involved.
  • How to have difficult conversations, delivering bad news or talking to emotional people.
  • How to choose a safe and proper response.
  • The body language and words to use.

On the day the trainer will tailor the course to include situations you may face on a regular basis or ones you have struggled to manage in the past.

And if you feel you already have these skills through experience or just something that comes naturally to you, our experts can show you why the things you do already work and introduce you to other powerful skills and techniques to add to your toolbox.

Register for the Wealden Defusing Skills Workshop on the 26th April 2016
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Previous participants came away feeling more confident and willing to tackle conflict and antisocial behaviour – and the fear of this type of situation is reduced.

Of the thousands we’ve trained 94% would recommend the training to others. And after just one day of training 83% said they feel confident using the skills and techniques they have learnt.

Here is what a few of them had to say:

“The trainer was excellent and was very approachable etc. I would definitely recommend this course.”

“The training was very informative and the information was given in a very professional way. I came away feeling a lot more confident in how I would deal with situations on the streets.”

“Rather than feeling helpless about how to tackle something it has given me confidence”

“I’m glad I have that knowledge and I would certainly be aware of how to avoid conflict if something happened”

Register for the Wealden Defusing Skills Workshop on the 26th April 2016
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Spread defusing skills in your community

Do you want to support your team and the members of your community to learn the skills they need to defuse disputes and anti social problems before they get out of hand? Quality training can be expensive. The good news is that we have been awarded a grant by the Sussex Community Foundation from their Glenn and Phyllida Earle Fund to provide free training to community groups in the Wealden area.

Come along to the training on the 26th April, see what it’s all about, and then talk to Dfuse about how we can support community conflict defusing in your area. Or, if you cannot attend the training, but would like to spread defusing skills in your area, then please do get in touch.

Who are Dfuse?

Founded in 2007 our charity aims is to promote and teach defusing skills as way of reducing conflict and anti social behaviour in the community.

Our aim is to equip as many people as possible with the skills and confidence to make immediate interventions with a view to defusing conflict in a safe and constructive way.

We especially want to help those who have to face these difficult situations on a regular basis through their work in the community.

This award from the Sussex Community Foundation is an exclusive opportunity for you and your community to learn essential skills that can benefit you not just at work but in all areas of your life.

If you have any questions about the course or the work we do please feel free to email us at matt.overd@dfuse.org.uk


Yes, please register my place on the Defusing Community Conflict Workshop on the Wednesday, 26th April, 2016.

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CEO: Matt Overd

We are doing some fantastic work across the UK, changing the way people in schools, workplaces and communities respond to conflict. Please help us to reach more people, donate here.