Teaching Leaders

Teaching Leaders

Teaching Leaders gives their current cohort of middle leaders a boost in defusing conflict with colleagues.

Slide34For the second year running Teaching Leaders will deliver Challenge Day workshops, adapted from Dfuse’s Defusing Conflict in Schools CPD workshop toolkit, to its latest cohort. The workshop will explore with teachers new approaches for managing conflict across school, in particular with colleagues – which is especially important as they embark on new management responsibilities.

Many middle leaders report that they feel under prepared to manage conflict and difficult situations and are not provided with the skills they need to defuse situations and tackle them confidently before they escalate or get out of hand. Dfuse’s expert hostage negotiators have delivered defusing skills training to previous Teaching Leaders cohorts which was really well received. Everyone who took part would recommend the course to others. Here are a few of the comments:

  • Excellent practical techniques that can be used in my work straight away.
  • I want this delivered at my school.
  • I can now handle tough situations more calmly and rationally.


The Defusing Conflict in Schools: middle leaders and colleagues workshop is based on the Dfuse’s training and will be delivered by Teaching Leaders’ facilitators at the upcoming Challenge Days for the current cohort of 500+ teachers, across the UK. Middle leaders attending the event will explore their personal responses to conflict and identify which of their behaviours escalate situations and which defuse. We all approach conflict differently and so participants will be exposed to a range of techniques for defusing, communicating and influencing – everyone should find something useful, no matter how experienced they are!

Free CPD resource for Teaching Leaders, worth £60

Teaching Leaders has agreed with Dfuse that every member of the 2016 cohort can receive a free copy of Dfuse’s Defusing Conflict in Schools package. This resource provides school leaders with everything they need to deliver workshops, similar to the challenge day, with colleagues back in their own schools.

2016 cohort, get your copy of Defusing Conflict in Schools


For enquires about this programme contact Matt Overd (Dfuse) or Sarah Harrison (Teaching Leaders)

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