Defusing Conflict in School


Working with young people can be one of the most rewarding jobs, but it comes with its challenges. Conflict can come from anywhere – from students, parents, colleagues or members of the local community – and with pressure on schools to perform it’s not going to get any easier! 

Dfuse is here to help. At some point it’s likely that you may be faced with conflict which if not managed effectively can easily escalate, resulting in frustration, anger and even physical assault. Dfuse can equip you with the skills to handle such situations calmly, effectively, and above all – safely.

The Defusing Conflict in Schools Programme has been developed with teachers and teaching organisations, including Ambition School Leadership, to apply the skills of its experts to the situations teachers face.  Let Dfuse show you how to handle a volatile situation before it gets out of hand.

The Defusing Conflict in Schools Programme is ideal for:

  • Newly Qualified Teachers and those in Initial Teacher Training,
  • Experienced teachers and classroom assistants who want to develop new approaches to behaviour management,
  • Those responsible for pastoral care,
  • School staff and volunteers running after school clubs and other activities likely to have contact with wider community and parents,
  • Senior School Leaders who are often brought in to manage situations that have already escalated.

There are 2 ways to get the Defusing Conflict in School programme

1) Let us come to you
Our trainers can facilitate sessions for your whole staff team or work with small groups or even one-to-one. Contact us using or 020 3633 4540 to chat through your requirements and to see how we can help improve responses to conflict within your school.

2) Do it yourself
Deliver the Defusing in Schools Workshop yourself using this toolkit. Lead discussions with colleagues exploring approaches to conflict, aggression and challenging behaviour. This toolkit provides all you need to facilitate two short CPD sessions.

The Workshop Kit provides you with everything you need to deliver two modules:

  • Conflict: what it is, how it escalates and approaches and techniques that will help defuse.
  • Communication in conflict: how to ensure effective communication and approaches for influencing others in conflict situations.

What you get:

  • Facilitator notes with background information, activity outlines, materials and scenarios
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Hand-outs

What teachers say about the Defusing Conflict in Schools Programme

  • “Excellent practical techniques that can be used in my work straight away”
  • “Will definitely make a difference at my school”
  • “I feel more prepared for possible situations I may come up against”
  • “As I am relatively new to pastoral system I have very quickly been involved in many more challenging conversations with parents and staff than before – I can now apply these skills to support these conversations”
  • “It was useful sharing situations, stories and a range of views from variety of colleagues, how they would tackle conflict and comparing it with my own.”

Defusing with Teaching Leaders

In 2017, for the second year running, Teaching Leaders delivered Challenge Day workshops, adapted from Dfuse’s Defusing Conflict in Schools CPD workshop toolkit, to its cohort of over 500 teachers. 

The Challenge Day explored new approaches for managing conflict across school, in particular with colleagues – which is especially important as they embark on new management responsibilities.

Many middle leaders reported that they felt under prepared to manage conflict and difficult situations and that they are not provided with the skills they need to defuse situations and tackle them confidently before they escalate or get out of hand.

Middle leaders attending the event explored their personal responses to conflict and identified which of their behaviours escalate situations and which defuse. We all approach conflict differently and so participants were exposed to a range of techniques for defusing, communicating and influencing – there was something for everyone, no matter how experienced!

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