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Workshop Toolkit Upgrade: Defusing Neighbourhood Conflict and Antisocial Behaviour


Upgrade your Defusing Neighbourhood Conflict and Antisocial Behaviour Workshop Toolkit and get online support from Dfuse experts, updates and two additional scenarios.

SKU: NeCon2.

By upgrading with this bolt-on package you get:

  • Access to Dfuse’s experts – you can send your questions about defusing or delivering the workshops directly to Dfuse’s experts.
  • Access to updates, tips and new training ideas – if the responses to questions raised by other facilitators are useful to all then they will be posted for you to see.
  • Two additional scenarios, including facilitator notes, multiple choice questions, FAQs and two additional film and two audio clips.


The Noisy Late Night Party

Party John is disgruntled when he discovers that there’s a very loud party happening right next door. His neighbours at No.3 have invited a bunch of friends over, but the bash quickly spills into the corridor. 

Domestic Violence in a Public Place


Things are tense between Paul and Karen and the violence could happen anywhere, at any time. As onlookers watch, Paul questions Karen about her shopping and gets angry when she answers back.