Listening in Conflict

Listening in Conflict


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Listening is a key skill for managing conflict. It helps to provide an understanding of the other person’s perspective, in order to establish an accurate meaning of what they are saying. Also, the act of listening shows the other person that you are interested and respect them enough to want to understand their perspective. This can often have a calming effect and help to reduce the energy in a confrontation.

This toolkit provides all the background information, activities and resources you, as a teacher or youth worker, need to deliver a workshop with young people to on the importance of listening to others when in conflict.

The learning outcomes for young people are:

  • To understand the importance of listening in conflict.
  • To know how to check understanding.

What you get

  • A Teaching Resource with 3 activities.
  • A short film clip.
  • A worksheet to support the film clip.