CPD Workshops: Defusing In School


This toolkit provides you with the tools to encourage your colleagues to explore their approaches to conflict and difficult behaviour – with pupils, parents and other staff. Many teachers report that they feel under prepared to manage conflict and difficult situations and they do not have the skills they need to tackle them confidently before they escalate or get out of hand. This workshop has been developed with teachers, and the materials to deliver it have been put into a toolkit, so that you too can share defusing skills throughout your own school.

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Everything you need to run two short CPD workshops with colleagues on defusing conflict and managing difficult behaviour. 


Are you a senior leader in your school, a head or deputy head or an experienced pastoral care lead? Would your colleagues benefit from more conflict defusing skills? This easy-to-follow Workshop Kit provides everything you need to facilitate two short CPD sessions with colleagues. No prior knowledge or experience is needed. Through activities and discussions your colleagues will learn how to defuse safely and effectively and explore shared approaches to conflict, aggression and challenging behaviour in your school.

There’s no doubt that teaching can be one of the most rewarding professions – but like any job, it comes with its pitfalls. One of those faced by educators today is challenging aggression, intimidation or conflict – from pupils, their parents and colleagues.

At Dfuse, we provide training, support and resources to skill people from all walks of life to deal with conflict, confrontation, aggression and antisocial behaviour wherever they encounter it: in the street, in the workplace, in school or in their own community. Drawing on our experts that include specialist communicators, hostage negotiators, safety and self-defence trainers, teachers and youth and community workers, we have created this programme designed to help you, and your colleagues, to defuse conflict.

What you get:

The Workshop Kit provides you with everything you need to deliver two short CPD modules (between two and a half to four hours each). The kit includes:

  • Facilitator notes with background information, activity outlines, materials and scenarios
  • PowerPoint slides (also formatted to use as hand-outs)
  • Hand-outs

Module one looks at conflict: what it is, how it escalates, an approach for defusing and techniques that will help.

The learning outcomes for module one are for participants to:

  • Understand the causes and characteristics of escalated conflict
  • Explore their own personal responses to conflict situations
  • Explore an approach for defusing conflict
  • Rehearse effective and safe responses to conflict
  • Identify techniques that will help them to better manage conflict

Module two looks at communication in conflict, how to ensure effective communication and a range of approaches for managing conflict situations.

The learning outcomes for module two are for participants to:

  • Understand the importance of effective communication in conflict
  • Explore different approaches for communicating in conflict
  • Rehearse defusing approaches for getting their point across
  • Practice active listening
  • Identify techniques for motivating people to comply

The feedback from teachers using Dfuse programmes speaks for itself:

  • ‘It will definitely make a difference at my school’.
  • ‘I feel more prepared for possible situations I may come up against’.
  • ‘As I am relatively new to the pastoral system, I have very quickly been involved in many more challenging conversations with parents and staff than before – I can now apply these skills to support these conversations’.
  • ‘It was useful sharing situations, stories and a range of views from variety of colleagues, how they would tackle conflict and comparing it with my own.’
  • ‘Excellent training, I’d happily study this further.’