Press release – Dfuse provides teaching resources for schools


As anti-social behaviour becomes an increasing UK concern, Dfuse launch new education resource to support students and educators

Dfuse, a charity founded to help people deal with conflict, confrontation, aggression and antisocial behavior, has today (17.12.2012) launched a new schools resource pack to help young people and educators understand and defuse anger within schools.

The resources for teachers and youth workers, ‘Understanding and defusing anger’ is designed to help them support young people aged 11 and over to manage their emotions and communicate effectively under stress.

Activities explore the defusing skills required for young people and cover issues including: How attitudes to conflict and factors such as anger can escalate a situation; how emotion affects the ability to communicate and how behaviours can defuse a conflict appropriately.

Matt Overd, Dfuse Director of Programme Development, says: “The recent report from The Policy Exchange has thrown into the spotlight the growing challenge of aggression in young people. In schools, as in wider society, antisocial behaviour should not be tolerated and involving children and young people more is needed to achieve this.

“Dfuse has produced this resource for teachers because its important to address this issue head on and find ways of reducing its impact. Young people regularly face conflict with friends, family and people in authority and are often victims of antisocial behaviour. Too often, a simple misunderstanding can all too easily escalate to become destructive or violent. At Dfuse, we want to help young people safely manage difficult situations and challenge the unacceptable behaviours of their peers.”

Dfuse is partnering with a number of organisations to develop educational resources to aid conflict resolution across the UK and recently worked with The British Red Cross to launch a defusing skills activities for students and a teachers briefing.

Speaking about the bespoke resource package, Mairi Allan, Head of Education and Engagement, Young People from The Red Cross, says: “Whether it’s a small scale emergency at home, in school or a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy, people can be drawn in to aggressive situations during stressful times. It’s important that we equip schools and students with the ability to manage these situations to prevent the escalation of aggression.”

Dfuse also provides support for school staff who regularly face conflict and aggression with disruptive pupils, difficult colleagues and forceful parents. The organisation offers two training modules for teachers and other school staff, looking at how fundamental defusing skills can be applied in challenging school situations with students, parents and other school staff and how to improve communication in conflicts.

For more information about the teaching resources click here

For more information or to speak to Dfuse, contact Laura Smith or Della Bolat at Consilium Communications: / 07766 651366 or / 07841 763833

Notes to Editors

  • Dfuse was founded by Jane Atkinson in 2007 in response to a growing number of reported incidents of antisocial behavior, including one where an individual was fatally stabbed on a public bus whilst others looked helplessly on
  • Dfuse skills people to deal with conflict, confrontation, aggression and antisocial behaviour wherever they encounter it: in the street; in the workplace; in the school; or in their own community
  • Dfuse operates across the UK delivering training and support for businesses, charities, the public sector, communities and young people
  • Dfuse programmes draw on a range of experts and evidence from specialist communicators; hostage negotiators; safety and self defence trainers, psychologists, teachers and youth and community workers. Therefore, whilst training is based on a core set of defusing skills and principles, courses can be tailored to the specific situations participants are likely to encounter
  • Training is practical which enables individuals to build confidence using new skills in a supportive environment
  • Dfuse’s mission is to create a critical mass of individuals willing and able to act in a safe and appropriate way to reduce the occurrence, and mitigate the consequences of, anti-social behavior particularly amongst those who face confrontation, aggression and violence on a regular basis and to those who respond aggressively to conflict to assist them to resolve situations peacefully.
  • More information about Dfuse can be found at
  • The Joint Red Cross Dfuse resource can be found here