Antisocial behaviour in the news – defusing tips

Anti-social behaviour in the news – Dfuse releases top ten tips for the public


Dfuse is responding to the Policy Exchange Policing 2020 report highlighting the growing issue of anti-social behaviour by releasing ten top tips for the public to help them when faced with a situation involving them directly or others.


Dfuse’s tips include advice such as pause, step back, manage any anger and assess the situation before taking action and always put safety first. Spontaneous reactions can inflame a situation, making it worse. We believe if enough people in a community are willing to challenge anti-social behaviour, it sends a message to perpetrators that it is not acceptable.

Now I’m better at dealing with conflict everywhere: in my work, at home and on the street
Matt Overd, Director of Programme Development at Dfuse, said: “Anti-social behaviour in the UK should not be tolerated and greater public involvement is needed to achieve this. Since 2007, Dfuse has supported members of the public, businesses and voluntary organisations to counter anti-social behaviour through teaching the skills of hostage negotiators, specialist communicators and self defence expert trainers


“We believe that if we can de-escalate conflict and antisocial behaviour through effective communication, we can prevent it from growing into a situation that requires police sildenafil online intervention ensuring their resources can be allocated elsewhere to tackle more serious crime. This is not about duplicating police efforts or creating ‘have a go’ heroes but there is a role for the public to play as long as appropriate training and support is in place.”


Paul Springer, aged 65 from London who attended a recent Dfuse training course, said: “I don’t think anyone gets to go through life without coming up against anti-social behaviour. Impoliteness to aggression to violence, it’s hard to know what to do and how stop it. I don’t want to be a ‘have a go hero’ but recently had to stop a group of teens with sticks attacking a jogger in the park. I was lucky I didn’t get hurt.


I just want to live in a decent world and know how to defuse trouble so no one gets hurt. I didn’t know how to do this until I attended a Dfuse training course, I knew how to make myself and others safe and how to handle trouble in the right way. Now I’m better at dealing with conflict everywhere: in my work, at home and on the street.”



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