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BusinessDefusing workplace conflict, advanced communication and influencing

Whatever the workplace, conflict is inevitable, and if not well managed, can escalate to become a disruptive and destructive force. Some escalated conflicts are visible through aggressive behaviours – shouting, bullying and embarrassing people in front of others. Other behaviours are more insidious. Deliberately side-lining people, delaying responses or ignoring them altogether and working to rule can all reduce effectiveness, undermine strategy and damage client relationships. Ultimately, when conflict breeds and escalates, it can cost you and your organisation time and money and damage your reputation.

Defusing skills can also help with difficult conversations – firing someone, making redundancies or winning support for changes in strategy or business processes. Also, the advanced communication, influencing and negotiation techniques – practiced by Dfuse’s expert Hostage Negotiators – can provide the edge in sales meetings or when pitching for new business.

Dfuse experts can help staff, managers and senior managers to understand the impact of conflict on relationships, workplaces and business outcomes and to recognise the conflict trouble spots within their own organisation. Dfuse can show how to manage conflict within interpersonal relationships and adopt approaches to avoid these escalating. The process of resolving conflict, or developing new approaches for negotiating with clients, increases the communication flow within organisations and builds trust – which in turn can improve an organisation’s workflow and efficiency.

The Dfuse team will tailor courses to help participants manage the conflicts they face or to develop advanced communication, negotiation and influencing skills.

Training like this is ideal for:

  • Directors and Senior Management
  • Heads of Department
  • Clients relationship managers and sales teams
  • Key staff with cross organisational roles – facilities, HR, reception


“The training was transformative. It showed how critical active listening and building rapport and trust is for liaising and negotiating with others. It forced me to question how I interact – what I do well, and where there is room for improvement – not just externally but internally within my team. The day was fast-paced, highly informative, and most importantly was made relevant to my own organisation, situation and personality.” – Chief Executive of a not for profit.

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