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Norfolk residents learn how to defuse neighbourhood conflict

Victory Housing Trust teamed up with Dfuse to prepare Norfolk residents to take the first step towards resolving neighbourhood conflict themselves. Victory and Dfuse launched i2i, a website to help residents learn how to defuse disagreements with neighbours and challenge antisocial behaviour in their community. Visitors to the site can explore five neighbourhood conflicts and get tips on how to approach them, and other situations, safely and without causing escalation.

Victory want to help create safe and secure communities where residents want to live. They recognise the right of residents to enjoy their home in peace and take a tough line with people who behave badly in or around their properties, or who harass others. Most of us get on with our neighbours most of the time, but sometimes relationships become strained. Involving Victory too early could turn a minor problem into a major dispute. It is often better, if the problem is not too serious, and before things get out of hand, for residents to talk to the people involved themselves.

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John Archibald, Chief Executive of Victory Housing Trust, said: “Serious instances of ASB are fortunately rare in north Norfolk, but low-level problems can still be very distressing and we have found that often residents feel ill-equipped to respond to and deal with low-level problems. We hope the resources developed (by Dfuse) will help equip people to more effectively handle difficult and challenging situations safely.”

Norfolk Community FoundationThe Norfolk Community Foundation has also given defusing skills a boost in the County by supporting the promotion of the website, beyond Victory residents, across Norfolk. Their support will also see the i2i principles being taught in communities through helping people access the website and delivering face to face workshops for local groups.


Learning Offline

For residents who are unable to access the internet, or for those who prefer to learn new skills face to face and in a group, a short Defusing Neighbourhood Conflict and Antisocial Behaviour workshop has been produced. The workshop toolkit is available free to any community organisation in Norfolk. The workshop, which is based on the scenarios used on the i2i website, encourages participants to think about how conflicts occur and how difficult situations can be managed without them becoming confrontational or destructive.

The workshop can be delivered to residents or community groups by local community and housing workers. Everything needed to deliver the workshop is provided, therefore those delivering the workshop do not need to be experts in defusing conflict.

If you want to deliver this workshop to a group you are involved with, please complete the form below. Once we have confirmed that you work in Norfolk you will be sent login details which you can use to access all of the facilitator’s notes, film clips, audio clips and activities.

Click here to register for the free resources and attend the workshop on the 9th of March 2016

You must be based in Norfolk to receive the workshop materials and training

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