Do you know how to defuse conflict and antisocial behaviour in your community?

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It’s likely that life in your local community is uneventful most of the time. But for some of us, there may be occasions when we find ourselves in an uncomfortable conflict situation. It might be an argument with a neighbour. Perhaps a dispute over parking. You might frequently witness – or be the victim of – antisocial behaviour. Maybe you are often on the receiving end of someone’s frustration. All of these situations have the potential to escalate into something destructive, aggressive or violent if they are not managed safely.

Controlling strong emotions and choosing to defuse, rather than ‘fight’ back or take offence can be a challenge for us all. Rushing in without thinking can escalate the situation and make matters worse. Involving the Police, the Local Authority or landlords too early could turn a minor problem into a major dispute – and divert resources away from more serious matters. Defusing skills help us all to take a step back, manage our emotions, assess the situation and choose a safe and appropriate response. The appropriate response might be to talk it over, get away safely when the risk is too high, prepare to be a good witness – or call in an expert to help at an appropriate time. Anyone can defuse a situation – with our help.

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Our easy-to-follow  resources and training programmes help community members to prepare for many types of conflict or antisocial behaviour – so that if and when they are faced with that uncomfortable encounter, they are able to defuse the situation – rather than escalating it.

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Community workers and housing officers – share the basic principles of defusing conflict. Our simple workshop toolkit provides everything you need, including film and audio clips, activities and facilitator notes. See more

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Face to Face training

Let Dfuse train your staff or community group to defuse volatile situations and achieve peaceful resolutions. We’ll work closely with you to develop a course with realistic scenarios for your community and ensure that the techniques taught are the ones you need. We’ll then send an expert trainer to you to deliver the training. See more

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Community defusing in action

Victory Housing i2i


i2i programme for Victory Housing in Norfolk
Our brilliant new video-based learning tool, i2i, is helping Norfolk residents to prepare for neighbourhood conflict and antisocial behaviour.

Wates Living Space


The Wates Foundation short defusing workshop
We produced a bespoke programme for Wates, so their staff could deliver workshops on defusing neighbourhood conflict and antisocial behaviour to residents.

Thames Valley Police


Defusing skills pilot for Thames Valley Police 
See the results of our pilot, designed to teach residents the skills to deal with antisocial behaviour, before it escalates to a point where the police need to be called.



It is often possible for a few simple actions to defuse
Many of us don’t want to stand by and do nothing to tackle antisocial behaviour. Have a look at these 10 top tips for defusing antisocial behaviour in your community



Who you gonna call? Check out our directory for support 
We can’t always defuse situations, much as we may want to. If you’re faced with conflict or antisocial behaviour and it is just too complex, see who can help.



First aid model works for community defusing
In 2010 The RSA published The Woolwich Model posing the question ‘can citizens tackle antisocial behaviour?’ Read Dfuse’s response outlining practical steps.

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