About Dfuse – the conflict defusing charity

Dfuse skills people to deal with conflict, confrontation, aggression and antisocial behaviour wherever they encounter it: in the street; in the workplace; in the school; or in their own community. Dfuse operates across the UK delivering training, support and resources for businesses, charities, the public sector, communities, schools and young people.

Dfuse programmes draw on a range of experts and evidence from specialist communicators; hostage negotiators; safety and self defence trainers; psychologists; teachers and youth and community workers. Therefore, whilst training is based on a core set of skills and principles – the Dfuse Defusing Approach – programmes are tailored to the specific situations participants are likely to encounter. Dfuse can also help organisations to build positive approaches for managing live and ongoing conflicts through one-to-one coaching and team workshops.

Get in touch with Dfuse on 020 3633 4540 or mail@dfuse.org.uk

Jane (2)Dfuse was founded by Jane Atkinson in 2007 in response to a growing number of reported incidents of antisocial behaviour, including one where an individual was fatally stabbed on a public bus whilst others looked helplessly on. Many people are reluctant to get involved to prevent antisocial behaviour, even low level disorder. This is often due to fear for personal safety or an anxiety that any intervention may make a situation worse. However, to do nothing sends a message to the perpetrators and society in general that antisocial behaviour is tolerated and acceptable.

Jane observed how new police officers quickly learn to handle difficult public order incidents calmly and effectively. This led her to enquire whether the training given to new police recruits could be adapted for members of the public so that individuals and communities could develop the confidence and skills to respond safely to challenging and antisocial behaviour. Jane tried this out, and it worked – and so Dfuse was formed.

Dfuse’s mission is to create a critical mass of individuals willing and able to act in a safe and appropriate way to reduce the occurrence, and mitigate the consequences of, anti-social behaviour. We want to equip as many people as possible with skills and confidence to make immediate brief interventions to defuse conflict. We particularly want to support people who face confrontation, aggression and violence on a regular basis and those who respond aggressively to conflict to assist them to resolve situations peacefully.

Alongside delivering training and support for clients, Dfuse also undertake project work, often in partnership, to reach particular community groups or young people with defusing skills.

Since 2007 we have been developing our core programme and adapting it to the needs of participants from a range of sectors. Here are some of Dfuse’s past and present clients, funders and partners:

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